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Amazing Custom Handle Boxes You Should Try Now

Amazing Custom Handle Boxes You Should Try Now

Recalling COVID-19 has marked a diverse shift in businesses due to which the market trends evolved with the rising dynamics of the world. The packaging industry has earned massive success in this phase and has introduced innovative solutions to tailor the requirements of brands. In this regard, custom handle boxes hold proficient market shares of CAGR 4.82% and are predicted to expand more till 2027 in the USA, uplifting the businesses. Because of the ease these boxes provide, they are more in-demand packaging solutions than others. 

They hold exceptional benefits that not only help the businesses but also serve the targeted customers at the other end. The whole discussion will cover the highs of adopting these boxes. So, let’s continue reading!

Describing a Handle Box

Handle boxes are highly customizable and made from quality packaging material that is cardboard. Cardboard is the best investment in packaging boxes as this is highly durable and provides ultimate protection to different products such as food, electronics, and garment products. As the name highlights, these boxes have a handle at the top, so it is very convenient to hold and store the products. These are highly beneficial in casting a positive brand image because of their super cool modifications in style, shape, and size. Yes, these boxes are an ideal solution to your products.

Types of these Boxes

There is a huge diversity in the custom boxes with handles, and they offer different types of boxes. Here’s a list of some unique types that make them more feasible and easy to carry the products. Let’s go through some of them in a bit of detail

  • Customized boxes with a window insert
  • Toy boxes
  • Cosmetics boxes
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Goods packaging boxes

Why are They So Popular?

The things that become popular always hold the greater advantages therefore this becomes the solid reason for their massive success. The same is true with custom handle boxes wholesale that have earned massive popularity in a very short time. Here are the reasons that highlight these boxes are of much importance. Here we go!

  • Visual appeal and trendiness
  • Cost-effectiveness and affordability 
  • Easy to manage 
  • Eco-friendliness and biodegradability

5 Effective Ways to Use These Boxes

Let’s head over to effective ways that can be implemented to use the custom box with handle in a great way. Due to the versatility and elegant color schemes, the boxes are used in different industries to pack different products. Without any further delay, let’s go through some of the beneficial uses of these boxes. Ready, let’s go!

  1. Suitable For Food & Bakery Items

Food as it is a basic necessity of life and when it comes to packing food items, the major concern about it is that the food should be kept fresh and hot as it is made. So, intelligent restaurants use custom boxes with handles in order to satisfy their customers by delivering food items with great care and no damage. 

  1. Amazing For Gifts & Accessories

Hey, are you still confused about packing the gift? Worry not presenting you with the appealing and one-stop packaging solution in the form of custom handle boxes. By using these boxes, you can pack gift items or little accessories like jewelry, watches, etc., to make your loved ones feel great. Moreover, you can use stylish and colorful ribbons, a personal greeting, or a short message to make the gift more special and pleasing.

  1. Best For Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals

Custom printed flip top boxes are best for cosmetics and pharmaceutical products as they are quite fragile, so they need to be packed with grace and deep care. While it is highly suitable to store pharmaceutical products as they are highly sensitive and should be protected from external conditions, the packaging needs to be upgraded.

  1. Toys & Other Products

Kids are always intrigued by the vibrant and prominent packaging, especially of toys. So, keeping the targeted audience in mind, the custom flip top boxes are used to pack the toys and are highly modified according to the product and audience. The cartoony images imprinted on the boxes attract them, and the handle on the top lets them carry the toys easily.

  1. Beneficial For Giveaways & Goodie Packaging

Last but not least, there is a new trend of giving ways to the guests at formal events or to the kids at the birthday parties. The alluring designs and stylish handles on the top of these boxes enhance the overall experience. So, the intended audience will feel more privileged while receiving the giveaways.

In Short!

Custom handle boxes are the perfect packaging solution to store and deliver the products during transportation. The appearance of these boxes is different, professional yet classy to tailor all the requirements of the people. Available at affordable rates, these are must-try packaging solutions.



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